Marriott Celebrates Pride Month With a Rainbow of Colorful Cocktails

Global hospitality brand Marriott International showed its support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month throughout the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA). The company and its properties in the region in June offered virtual Pride-themed initiatives this year, including a digital collection of locally inspired cocktail recipes that together form a brilliant rainbow.

The Pride-themed beverages are crafted by various hotels and destinations in CALA to enable guests to toast and celebrate Pride from the comfort of their homes. The initiative spans 11 markets and includes 13 different properties.

Each market shared a different colored drink based on local traditions and celebrations. The rainbow list includes Costa Rica (rainbow), Dominican Republic (red), Puerto Rico (orange), Panama (yellow), Brazil (green), Peru (turquoise), Chile (blue), Argentina (purple) Mexico (pink) and Colombia (color-changing).

“Marriott International has a longstanding commitment to make every traveler feel welcome and comfortable being who they are, everywhere they travel” said Diana Plazas, chief sales & marketing officer for Marriott International in the Caribbean & Latin America. “As a company, we’re elated to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community at all of our properties, both in person and online.”

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