Dead Man’s Handle, a Tequila Cocktail

tequila cocktailA dead man’s handle is a switch or lever, most commonly used on trains, that if released by the driver, causes the train to stop. But at Miss Carousel in Houston, it’s a refreshing tequila cocktail punched up with Aperol and sweetened with orgeat—so good it will stop you in your tracks.

1 ½ oz. blanco tequila
¾ oz. Aperol
½ oz. fresh lime juice
½ oz. orgeat (can increase to ¾ oz. per desired sweetness)
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: stemless tulip
Garnish: Tajín seasoning

Add all of the ingredients to a shaker and shake with ice. Strain into a glass filled with crushed ice, top with more ice, then top with a sprinkle of Tajín seasoning.

Tiffany Kirk, Miss Carousel, Houston

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